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To get started with MedSynger, simply download the appropriate app for your preferred device (PC, Android, iOS) and register for an account.  You can also register via the MedSynger web portal.  Once you have registered you can sign-in to your account and immediately start using all MedSynger features on a no-obligation 30 day trial.  With MedSynger, there is no charge to receive messages and respond to messages.  After the initial trial period expires, you can subscribe to MedSynger to start new conversations or archive messages.  Subscriptions vary from one month to one year.

The MedSynger system allows you to communicate with any healthcare professional – whether they are within your organization, outside your organization, or located elsewhere.  If a healthcare professional is already registered for MedSynger, just send them a message.  If you want to communicate with a healthcare professional who is not yet in the system, you can invite them to register for the MedSynger system or simply send them a message if you know their E-mail address or mobile phone number.

MedSynger can be used to communicate almost any type of information including plain text messages, pictures, images, photos, and documents.  Clinical information that can be exchanged using MedSynger includes patient reports, lab reports, images, radiology studies, clinical photos, etc.

All information in the MedSynger system is encrypted from end to end using the latest technologies.  In addition, mobile devices can have all information wiped out remotely.  MedSynger meets or exceeds all HIPAA and HITECH security requirements.

One click on any message shows the delivery status of that message for all recipients.  MedSynger shows the date and time that a message was delivered to and viewed by the recipient.  MedSynger also allows you to set an alert that will notify you if a message was not viewed in a designated amount of time.

MedSynger provides the ability to capture and annotate anything that is displayed on a PC screen.  This would include diagnostic images, lab reports, pictures, or other clinical information.  Once you have captured the information being displayed, the information can be highlighted, marked up, or annotated and sent to any other healthcare professional via MedSynger.

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